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1. Please introduce yourself and let us who or what brought you to Toastmasters.
2. Each meeting is hosted by the Toastmaster of the Evening, with roles assigned to club members prior to or during the meeting. You will not be called upon to fulfill a role, unless you wish to participate in the impromptu Table Topics portion. In this case, please look up the Table Topics Master and submit your corresponding request. You will also be provided with a meeting agenda for the session.
3. You might hear the following terms:
        • The PRESIDING OFFICER opens and closes the meeting.
        • The TOASTMASTER OF THE EVENING (TME) introduces the various participants in the meeting         and provides the theme for the evening. *TMD for Toastmasters of the Day if event held during         the day
        • SPEAKERS deliver prepared speeches, with set duration, as per their speech project.
        • EVALUATORS provide effective feedback for the prepared speeches (and submit written         evaluations).
            • The TABLE TOPIC MASTER selects a topic or topics of general interest and asks questions of         those in the audience; the answer can take one to two minutes. A guest may be asked to         volunteer, but it is not mandatory to respond.
        • The GENERAL EVALUATOR provides constructive suggestions for all who participated and         evaluated the evaluators, but never evaluates the speakers.
        • The GRAMMARIAN suggests language usage if the grammar is incorrect and praises creative         language usage if the grammar is correct.
        • The AH COUNTER counts audible pauses such as ah, uh, and um.
        • The TIMER records the number of minutes used by each speaker, evaluator and table topic         respondent.
4. You are invited to:
        • APPLAUD after the introduction of a speaker and at the conclusion of a speech.
        • TELL us your thoughts on how the meeting went.
        • JOIN our Club or continue to visit as often as you like. If you would like to join, let any member know.

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