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Steps to Join The Club..

1. After you attend a meeting, you can apply for membership (minimum age 18.)

2. Fill out the membership application and return to the VP Membership.

3. Membership is affordable
    • Rs 3,600 club dues for first six months. This amount includes     payment of new member fee to Toastmasters International
    • Rs 3,000 club dues for every next six months.

4. The VP Membership will submit your application to Toastmasters International, and the Treasurer will submit the fees for you. Both will liaise with you for any details required.

5. As you become more familiar with the pattern of the meetings, you are encouraged to step into each of the meeting roles (one at a time) as part of your learning experience.

6. Please also select your preference in the following items, and email same to the VP Membership:

Once your membership is processed, you will be prompted to submit your membership dues.

7. Your membership also entitles a one-year subscription to Toastmasters magazine. This monthly magazine is packed with lots of great information and tips! You can choose either softcopy or hardcopy delivered to your provided address on your membership form.

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