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Club Session Report -
24 September 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019, the day when Urshila steps up as TME for the first time at Plateau Toastmasters Club to "connect and communicate" with her audience. SEDULOUS in her delivery, the TME swiveled 
through an introductory speech that captivated everyone's attention before introducing the speakers.

With Bhavish's speech, every human in the room could get a copy of the Constitution of the Republic of Mauritius and tune up to BobMarley's "Get up Stand Up for your rights". Roshan Nothoo, his evaluator, could freely speak, breathe, walk and even dance but recommended that Bhavish adds more passion to his speech with more personal stories of the fight against injustice !

The new Jyestha as the winning speaker, brought the audience to bursting out with laughter with the Mauritian grabbing the chicken leg piece and not coming out of the water after a year, thereby fooling Americans, Britishers and the French who are still dumbfounded after the Mauritian description of the Moon. The winning Evaluator, Sariff, explained what he saw, felt and heard from these bosom international friends and recommended Jyestha to use the speaking area more effectively.

Leena's new passion for Bharat Natyam and how she's chasing her dreams at whatever age was an eye opener for all grey hairs in the house. As pointed out by her evaluator Roshan Seebaluck, it's never too old to start something new and using the speaking area purposefully would add value to the speech.

DTM Uma motivated the audience not to be "sitting ducks" as the Table Topics Lion was not far away through her educational session about organising one's speech and evaluating to motivate a speaker so that the latter comes back again and again. Q & A were resourceful and DTM Uma although had cold hands, answered all the queries tactfully.

TT Master Iven, with his powerful voice, as pointed out by GE Soomayyah, had 3 victims:
Victim #1 Shivani had Shah Rukh Khan to save her and made her the winning TT Speaker
Victim #2 Vanisha had her banking skills to save her and her client not to fail to plan and
Victim #3 Sorjen had Titan the robot up his sleeves to discuss on Artificial Intelligence.

GE Soomayyah, had the gamut of Queen's english expression and words to remind us that in Toastmasters, there's no hierarchy and we are all there to learn. The session was ah-countered by Meera Veeramootoo who was totally engrossed in counting filler words, timed by Meera Chatooree, lost for time at times and Grammarian Dosheela, counting the beautiful expressions used today.

As a quick business session, the President reminded of the need for members to renew their membership asap; welcoming 2 new members - Shubhiraj Gujadar and Oomesh Mahadu and congratulating Dosheela as new Competent Leader and Azra as new PM1.

Phew ! Today was epic ! Next session is on 01 October. Looking forward to another epic session.

 - VM -

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