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Club Session Report -
29 October 2019



Toastmaster of the Evening

TM Roshan Seebaluck rightly pointed out that this was going to be a speech marathon ! 10 speeches and 10 evaluations and the whole session was beautifully introduced, mastered, and transitioned by the TME who needed no introductions.

Prepared Speeches


Road Accidents and Casualties

TM Roshan Nothoo emotionally asked if all roads were safe ? and called to everyone that to have a safer road, it starts with all of us..


Adopting the right communication style

TM Azra is direct to the point in her communication style and she proved it today but she also mentioned that communication style should be adapted to any situation


If you want your kid to eat healthy

Cook brocoli in 6 different ways but make sure your kids eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday as pointed out by TM Narvadha



TM Meera was expanding on her new passion - GO GREEN ! and her call to everyone was "Together, we can change"


It's behind the door

DTM Faizal reminded everyone that it's behind the door and as every citizen's right, one should vote for whom will defend the interest of the nation


Presenting an award

TM Sariff presented an award to one of his mentors, DTM Faizal and this was a celebration of what he wanted to see more at Plateau !


A test to save your life

TM Deveka from Ace Speakers club was relating her case to a panel from medical council and her call for action was "Prevention is better than cure, so 1 test can save us all"


The hidden truth

TM Jyotee had a role play with TM Bhavish to demonstrate that giving the right feedback was really important to motivate the employee..


The Chosen Path

Whether it was that interviewer or Suzanne Kane, what triggered TM Soommayyah was the pah of motivational strategies and she's bang on !


Be Yourself

Imitation is limitation or be original and not a copy.. the one and only Nanda was adamant on being himself and urged everyone in the audience to be genuine



TM Keeran

Her recommendations to TM Roshan was to peruse the slides and allow the user to digest the information but also to breathe if he felt emotional


TM Sariff

His recommendations to TM Azra was to use more vocal variety and have pauses while describing the different styles. Further he said to try distributing the questionnaires after her speech


TM Sorjen

His recommendations to TM Narvadha was to move with purpose and as far as possible, lock her heels to stay in one position. His challenge for the speaker was to avoid using notes the next time


TM Jyestha

Her recommendation to TM Meera was to avoid reading her slides and not to give her back to the audience. she also pointed out to the speaker to vary her tones to enhance her speech


TM Shivani

Her recommendation to DTM Faizal was to try using more personal stories in his delivery


TM Vyankoj

His recommendations to TM Deveeka were to avoid moving without purpose and keep eye contact with the audience. The speaker was also encouraged to use visual aids to help the audience digest statistics..


TM Farhan

His recommendations to TM Jyotee were to set the stage prior to the speech and avoid too much humour in a professional setting


TM Roshan N

His recommendations to TM Soommayyah was to be herself and enjoy the stage area..



Her recommendations to TM Sariff were to ensure the audience actually sees the award as this was a prominent feature in his speech


TM Bhavish

His recommendations to TM Nanda were to use more hand gestures in his delivery to relate the actions to the speech..

Launching of the Club's Website

The President also launched the Club Website & read the welcome message from the President of Toastmasters International, DTM Deepak Menon

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