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Club Session Report -
10 September 2019

Everyone keeps saying at Plateau, we are a close-knit family. Today, after 1 month absence, I grasped the true meaning of being with the Plateau Family ! I missed being at the Sessions and I missed seeing butterflies in stomachs of new speakers ! 

But not today ! Today was a treat for butterflies with 4 Ice Breakers. TME Roshan Nothoo who gladly stepped in this role at the last minute, culminating the role of Grammarian in this "PELL MELL", swiftly brought 4 new speakers to their toes:-
Roshan Daureeawoo on stage and his quest to quit smoking ! Remember Late Robert Mugabe's saying:" Cigarette is a pinch of tobacco rolled in a piece of paper with Fire on one End and a Fool on the other". Thank you Roshan for quitting at the right time ! 
We now know why the Bhatias marry only the Bhatias, with Shivani's blooming from a baby to a fashion designer and hey ! She's the lucky one who doesn't get to change her surname after marriage !
Mira Veeramootoo, the winner of tonight's Speech segment, took the audience on a PHD v/s Pregnancy trip and taught us that morning sickness also happens at night !
DTM Faizal was adamant in his love for his family of 4 and would have been more until his wife who walks alongside him, proposed Faizal to continue the pregnancy journey !

TableTopics victims today were 
Victim #1 Ivan who debated on whether being human or being a human being would be THE human quality to have !
Victim #2 Leena who had her late mother as her most influential person & who epitomised selflessness !
Victim #3 Dosheela pointed out that being wealthy is when love takes over
Victim #4 Bhavish is undecided on whether he's for or against having an eBook and that shows he's really a lawyer at heart
Victim #5 TT Winner Eric taught us in simple words that life is not meant to be worried and meant to be lived at the fullest.

The impromptu GE, Jyotee had 4 evaluators today, out of which were Jyestha, Evaluation Winner Azra who was thankful to TM Krishn for his valuable onilne sessions, Urshila and finally Meera Chatooree for positively encouraging all our speakers in their path to success. Enrobing Jyotee was timely Suzanne, Ah Countered Soomayyah and grammarian Roshan Nothoo.

One of the sessions ending way before time and when all speakers and role players have been within their allotted time ! Bravo to everyone ! Next Up is Urshila who'll be TME on 24 Sept. so until then, brace yourselves for some more titbits from the Plateau Toastmasters Club Session !

 - VM -

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