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Club Session Report

14 January 2020


TME Faizal kicked off this first session for 2020 with the following theme: "Dress up your Pets"! 

As a warm up session, we got to know the resolutions of TM Navindra is to be more present at Toastmasters ! TM Milind on the other hand is looking forward to better manage his time while TM Sorjen will be more focused on writing his book this year ! Last but not least, TM Roshan Seebaluck will focus on his new assignment abroad !


Winning Speaker TM Divya

Who wants to mess with a US certified anti-money laundering expert ? Certainly not her husband who, after devouring some Alloco/Acheke from Ivory Coast, decided to follow her back to her motherland ! 

TM Oomesh

One of the youngest graduates in ACCA, spending time in Qatar with one of the Big 4, he's keen on going for some trekking / sightseeing


TM Sorjen

There are no good or bad news ! just news ! it's your perception of how you define the news , said TM Sorjen in his last speech for Level 1 !

TM Pooja

A hard nut to crack some may say but TM Pooja goes bananas over chicken and Ms Sunshine, as they call her at her workplace, wishes to shine more in 2020 !


DTM Sariff, as General Evaluator, had a team of role players and he gave his
report in a befitting manner !


TM Farhan

TM Farhan was mesmerised by TM Pooja's ice breaking speech as he became very engrossed ! But he also recommended to make use of the stage and manage her time better for next speeches


TM Roshan Seebaluck

TM Roshan S was of the opinion that TM Oomesh could have extrapolated his experiences as the latter was under time and he recommended to keep on practising for subsequent speeches


Winning Evaluator TM Jyestha

TM Jyestha thought that TM Divya had a very good delivery but recommended her to try standing in one position instead of shifting her weight


TM Iven

Evaluating the speech of TM Sorjen, TM Iven recommended him to interact more with his audience as well as making the use of pauses to allow the audience to digest his speech. GE Sariff was happy with the power of hammering as some repeating words have an everlasting impact !

Table Topics

Monster or Master ? started TM Azra...


What is your favourite pet and why ?

TM Bhavish has a special connection with Canis lupus familiaris (aka known as Dogs) as this was his very first gift by his father. Over the years, the connection has grown so much that he now breeds 6 dogs, together with his dad !


Should animals be kept in zoo for entertainment ?

As per TM Jyotee, zoo animals can't express their feelings and should not be kept in cages ! 


If you had to dress up your pet, what things you would consider ?

Winning Table Topics Milind was of the opinion that animals should not get dressed unless it's for a specific reason other than for hooman's entertainment as it irritates the natural fur of the animals !

Role Players



OBFUSCATE was the word of the day and TM Ganesha was to the point in his report and noted that the word was used at least 4 times during the session.



TM Ishrat was happy with tonight's usage of the crutch words as less were used by the various speakers but still pointed out those who did use hmmmmms and ahhhhhhss...



TM Meera Veeramootoo came just in time to monitor the timings of each and everyone ! not even the TME could escape from her timing device ! 

VM - 14.01.2020

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