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The Plateau Family

Chartered since Nov 2003, the Plateau Toastmaster Club (592015) is affiliated to Toastmasters International, a world leader in communication and leadership development. Located in Mauritius, the Plateau Toastmasters Club has, for the past 17 years, fuelled leaders of all spheres, in the island, towards new heights.


"Plateau Toastmasters Club is the second Mauritian club to be registered in 2003. I was a member at Port Louis Toastmasters Club and as Sergeant at Arms I was welcoming the guests. I still have the vivid picture of welcoming Ginny Silva, the Second Secretary at the British High Commission. “Who invited you?” I asked. “ I came on my own” she replied. Our friendship flashed up the idea of a second club. We had a strong group of seasoned Toastmasters – Mel Ferson, late Ibrahim Shiek Yousouf, and late Deepak Bhookun.

Ginny Silva was our first president when the club was registered in November 2003. Mel Ferson took over as the second president and when Ginny and Mel left Mauritius I took over as the 3rd President and many of my contemporaries are still toastmasters and founder members of new clubs.

Plateau Toastmasters Club not only launched the Speechcraft courses in 2005 but also pioneered the first conference in 2009 with the participation of three clubs - Port Louis, Plateau and Financial. Plateau Toasmasters Club is a visionary club acting as sponsor and conducted many demonstration meetings at different venues to start many new clubs. The club has had a glorifying past and surely it is heading to the right destination"

by DTM Dharamjeet Bucktowar, who is one of the founders of Plateau Toastmasters Club


We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater confidence and personal growth

A few facts about us


Years Old

Started in 2003, we are one of the oldest and most established speaking clubs in Mauritius


Meetings annually

Club meetings are where it all happens and each member has an opportunity to role play.


Practical skills

Most members have embarked on Pathways Education Programme to enhance their skills.



Our membeship has constantly been growing over the years to reach over 40


Welcome Message from
DTM Deepak Menon, 
2019-2020 International President
Toastmasters International

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