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Club Session Report -
15 September 2020

We know "Speak" and we know "Marathon" and when you add both, "SpeaKathon" is born !! Well, although it was born many years ago at Plateau, yesterday was its revival and TM Divya who is now surely mastering her TME Skills, cooked us spectacularly all throughout, via Gordon Ramsay's spirit, teasing the audience with identification of speciality Chefs or Cartoon Characters !
8 Speakers including one Edu Session were on the menu. Packed was the room. Eager were the guests. Thirsty to grind were the evaluators ! We all were in for a treat !
TM Soommayyah painted the scenery with fluffy clouds, fiery sunset and waving her phone desperately in the air to catch some WiFi at the beach with the view for us to appreciate LIFE's SMALL PLEASURES. Her evaluator, TM UMA, was swayed in these pleasures and suggested the speaker to stress on vocal variety.
TM Faizal finally said YES I DO to his partner for life legally ! Although it took him 20 years and 4 children, he's got to know now that he has the possibility of changing his surname to that of his wife if he wishes to do so ! His evaluator TM Roshan C suggested that the explanation of the Regimes (not Regime banane) be more explicit.
TM Sorjen brought us almost to tears when he counted his version of his LIFETIME RACE and how that old man made him realise that he can only earn respect by uplifting those around him and racing together. His evaluator, TM Jyestha ran the race with him and suggested him ways to bring his speech to another level.
At this point in time, TM Raj, gave us an exposé on Phonemes, Graphemes, Morphemes (not be confused with morphines which could be obtained at Wellkin) and twisted our tongues with the Red Lorry Yellow Lorry saga, which personally I continued to focus on while driving back home)
TM Vyankoj (myself) has been CTRLing X and CTRLing V ever since there has been a lockdown and he can now look in his kids eyes while they blabber constantly, without getting bored of it. His evaluator TM Pooja gave him 4 star points and 1 recommendation to focus on putting more enthusiasm in some aspects of the speech.
TM Richa broke the ice on herself and brought to light her tennis skills as well as her ability to win Friends and Influence People by narrating the 3 ASPECTS OF HER LIFE. His evaluator, TM Navindra thought she melted his ice or was it everyone's ice ? Whichever ice it was, TM Richa is now a full time Plateau member !
TM Azra DID IT RIGHT by choosing a mentor well before she joined Plateau and explained the joys of being mentored all the way to reach international speaking heights ! Her evaluator, TM Sariff sandwiched his approach to boost Azra for her next speech.
Last but not least, TM Subhiraj has been managing some projects using the skills acquired at Toastmasters and got his staff to say YES BOSS in the end. His evaluator, TM Shivani thought that he was not moving on purpose and advised him to take the time and stress on specific segment of his speech !
Newly joined TM Ravi has mastered the time 20 million years ago when Mauritius was being formed and ensured that the bell rang when anyone went overboard !
In all, that was a SpeaKathon to remember and we look forward to the next marathon of speeches to be organised by Plateau.


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