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Club Session Report -
04 August 2020

04.08.2020, A date to remember for it was the first time we were meeting Post COVID. TME Faizal took on this daunting task of getting everyone together for a much awaited on site session with the theme Solidarity ! Powering the session with the quote "charity flows vertically but solidarity flows horizontally", the TME did not get his pie in the sky, but rather got his pie in the oven by warming up the audience.
All geared up after this session, TM Milind, the winning Speaker, presented his speech on how he defeated his fear of heights by jumping off a plane 10000 feet above ground and waving at his pearl-looking house and fingernail anjalay stadium from atop ! His evaluator, TM Ishrat sandwiched her approach and reminded her speaker to use more power in his voice !
TM Shivani, the second speaker, elaborated on how her teacher bursts out laughing when she confused tennant with talent ! But we soon came to realise how talented she can be, as a narrator ! Her evaluator, TM Keeran, equally toasted her like a sandwich and suggested she uses more pauses in her speech.
Last but not least, TM Sorjen, the Seasoned Speaker, although went above time, enumerated on how mentoring brought him to what he is today. His evaluator (also the winning evaluator) was effulgent in her approach and gave Sorjen tips on how to bring his speech to the next level.
Guest speaker Jyotee brought souvenirs from her 3 months stranded trip, from Mauritius to Miami, to Jamaica, Puerto Rico to finally landing to Italy and spending 3 months waiting to come back home !!! This reminded us of the movie ET wanting to go back home !!! Or more recently, PK longing for home !!
Table Topics Master Vyankoj turned the room into a courthouse and had 4 accused up his sleeves:
Accused #1 Navindra tried to prove his innocence on not being a reckless driver with a car not exceeding 50Km/hr
Accused #2 Farhan had to prove his innocence on a false accusation of the Table topics master
Accused #3 Jyotee (also the wiining Accused) proved that her singing was really not a disruption to the peaceful environment at Intermart
Accused #4 first timer Ravi had an unfortunte twitching in his face which made him monkey to the camera and that proved how monkeys can get cunning at times !!
The GE, Sariff gave full justice to his role and the session was timed by Jyestha, Ah Countered by Uma and "grammarianned" by Azra. One of the sessions ending way within time and when most role players have been within their allotted time ! Bravo to everyone !
So until then, brace yourselves for the next Plateau Toastmasters Club Session on the 18th !!
Our thoughts and prayers to the lost souls in Lebanon as a sudden powerful explosion rocks the city in these times of stress!


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