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19 November 2019

Today was a special day, said TM Dosheela who stepped in j-i-t (just in time) to be the Toastmaster of the Evening ! Special because 19 Nov is the International Men's Day and it was a celebration for MEN ! She even had a quote for us men, "A Woman, without her man, is NOTHING" (too bad our better halves weren't there to listen to this !!).

4 speakers, 4 speeches, 4 different messages ! Haymant took us on a ride on whether we are really living our lives or are we just surviving ? Quo Vadis or where are we going ? Was his message and reminded us of the simple things in life that need to be appreciated so that we start living ! And Living is what Roshan Seebaluck is doing every day by getting fit & lean.. Taking us on a journey from over 100 kgs to a reduction of almost 30Kgs, Roshan Seebaluck, our Prepared Speech Winner, is an inspiration to those who feel they are obese. No Pain No Gain was his motto and we could all feel the change ! Change is what Roshan Nothoo, our next speaker wanted to bring about to his wife and 2 kids and get them up to speed with his work ! Fighting daily with a bunch of crooks and a bunch of professionals, Roshan Nothoo brought to light the power of offshoring ! The Power of Mentoring on the other hand enabled Krishn Ramchurn to have more TRUST, be TRUE to himself and TRANSFER knowledge to his Protégés.

4 Evaluators, 4 evaluations, 4 recommendations which are very significant for the speakers to improve upon ! Evaluation Winner Jyotee couldn't help but notice TM Haymant's limited use of the staging area. Evaluator TM Bhavish on the other hand, advised TM Roshan Seebaluck to limit his movement to and fro as this distracted the audience.. Evaluator TM Sariff, fresh from Tunis suggested the use of Powerpoint to gain time on the speech of TM Roshan Nothoo and last but not least Evaluator TM Sorjen brought to the attention of TM Krishn that his voice pitch may be bit loud for the audience and that he showed bit of tiredness in the end..Learning to breathe was his final message.

4 Table Topics victims, 4 different years from different coins !
- TM Ishrat, in 1997, after pursuing relentlessly her passion for martial arts became a black belt and that the beginning of her journey !
- TM Shivani, in 2012, shifted house from her in law and Freedom at Last ! That got her to start walking with her friend and her kids now call her MiniWalk
- Returning TM (Haymant's son), in 2016, reminded him of the long term relationship he had with his girlfriend at the University of Cape Town !
- TM Sariff from Tunis, in 2005, became a confirmed statistician and could juggle with formulaes whenever he wanted because the taste is in the Statistics !

TM Subhiraj, the GE, in his own way, twisted the arms of the speakers, and funnily transitioned his delivery towards his role players who were none other than TM Farhan, our multi-tasker Grammarian / Ah Counter, who EXPIATED us from our english speaking mistakes and TM Atmaram who readily counted all the minutes and seconds from each participant !

In the end, the Women in the house, although they were less in numbers today, had their fun watching the Men in the house, EXPIATING ! Indeed, but far from liberated from the claws of Toastmasters !

Until the 3rd December 2019…



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