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Club Session Report

by TM Subhiraj Gajadhar

18 February 2020

Are you in Love ?

This is how TME Ishrat started the meeting with energy, enthusiasm and a big bang? Most members replied YESSSS , they were over the moon expecting the TME would ask them about their honeymoon experiences but …….. were soon brought back down to Earth when TME referred to their love for Toastmasters and congratulated them for having skipped all their other personal commitments to attend the meeting for their own growth.  

TME brought roses which were beautiful but none more than herself. She offered roses to many members and encouraged other members to do the same. Many members will have to give lot of explanations at home about the origin of these roses ☹

TME scattered nice-scenting flowers petals on the tables which made me believe to have reached Ganga Talao…..I started looking for “coco-bananne” too! ……while due to the theme LOVE, some others recalled about petals scattered on their honeymoon bed like in Hindi movies 😊 

The only missing item for this LOVE-related meeting was cho·kluht (chocolate). As usual, GE remains confused and asked How can flowers(roses) be offered to a flower (Ishrat)?

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1 - TM AZRA spoke about “ A life-remembering lesson”.
She explained about her first job in a Private Organization in the Finance Department which she joined at the age of 18. She remembers the new and hostile environment in office. Despite her light job, she was insatiable moreso because she was told to remain silent and watch the show going on. But she said such attitude is “not me”. She did not like to remain silent. Finally, she made a prophetic revelation about 2 rules in life namely :
• Rule 1 – Never Give UP
• Rule 2 – Never forget rule 1
GE commented that as Toastmasters, we have life- remembering lessons but at home as spouse, we have lessons-remembering life !

Speech 2 - TM Jyeshta spoke about her “Trip to India”. She explained about :

1. The various dances of India namely Kathak & Bharatanatyam – But given that she was beautifully dressed in Indian attire, the audience was expecting her to give a demo of these dances – it appears that the stage & audience was too small for her!

2. The various places she visited including Manali, Kashmir, Kerala, Mumbai and Delhi….

3. She also visited Taj Mahal, the epitome of Love and she averred that the walls of Taj Mahal has got gems and diamonds encrusted therein…..hopefully she is the only Mauritian to know that, otherwise, the walls would by now be on the streets , not Wall Street, the epitome of Finance Lovers!

GE commented that as fortunately she visited India and not China else here Speech Title could have been “Trip to Souillac”. 😊

Speech 3 - TM Ravin honored our meeting with his Bollywood Style Special appearance. I used to see him in Conferences and on TV……and with his grey/black beard and his British accent, I thought a young version of Amitabh Bachchan came to Plateau.

His speech title was “Closing Speech” but all what he did was to open our appetite for knowledge, and he opened our mind by speaking about learning outcome in whatever we do in life. He said that:

• Leadership is not only to influence but to be influenced as well.
• Leadership is not only teaching but learning as well.
• When we do our SWOT analysis, we need to focus on our strength.

He also explained how he helped TM Soommayyah during last National Conference by asking her to “BE YOU” on the eve of the conference, where after TM Soommayyah became the Queen of Evaluation for the whole Republic of Mauritius.

TM Ravin also referred to DTM Faizal who snatched his speech script just before he( Ravin) had to go on stage for his speech delivery , where he became runner up ( I don’t remember 1st or 2nd ).

TM Ravin, a “cent pure sang Mauricien” whose name is very similar to Navin, Pravind or Arvin, is destined to be our next PM even if he did not ask to VOTE for him while TME did asked the audience to vote. Btw, yesternight he changed constituency from No 18(QBornes) to No 8 (Reduit) where he got elected Best Speaker!
Speech 4 - DTM Faizal came as a Senior Lecturer giving an educational session on “ When you are TME”. His lecture was very captivating for those who knows only “ When you are NOT TME” ; many members have never been TME in their life, surprisingly, including TM Soomayyah too!

This is very disappointing DTM Faizal; you should still have “L'autorité et responsabilité parentale” on your children whatever be their age!

DTM Faizal talked about technical qualities of TME and added that on D-Day ( or N-Night) , the TME needs to have proper Mindset, EI level, Resilience, good Mood and Confidence level even if all these depend on each TME. He also referred to one international toastmaster who chose to be in RED dress to increase her confidence level…….may be she got if for Valentine Day/Night!

At the end of the education session, TME smilingly complained that this session should have been held before her own TMEship!
For me, it is like getting examination tips at the end of an examination…… but fortunately the candidate successfully came out with more than 5-credits and distinctions !

TTTQ – Troubling Table Topic Question? 

TTM Shivani also considered as Table Topic Monster started her session with a funny hindi song “ Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai..table topics se kyoun daartaa hai dil” which means don’t panic with Table topics, but then she acted as SRK in the movie Darr and came up with the following 4 threatening questions :

Question 1- If two people fall in love with each other, they fall in love with thoughts and feelings of each other ?

TM Meera did a “meeracle” to tackle this question with much courage and stressed much on love being considered to fulfill some kind of needs . She explained that love fulfills some kind of vacuum in our life. She said that to live true love we need to develop our capacity of acceptance of things as they are. If we are not in a position to accept, we end up into jealousy and haltered.
Question 2- The Best Proof of love is trust !
TM Atmaram , the winner of TTQ explained that trust is the cement of love, fortunately he did not mention about “ciment KOLOS and Sarah” who waited for 20 years to get married !. He also highlighted that love consists of sadness, tears, sacrifices and happiness but unfortunately, too many young couples consider “ Love at first sight and Divorce at first Fight”……but for me it is “Love on first night, fright on next night” , thereafter all love is dug into cement.
Question 3- Darkness cannot drive out darkness , only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that!
TM Pooja required not puja to be done to answer this difficult question. She referred to a story of a vagabond/killer who found back his humanity and inner love when he met a girl with whom he fell in love. For me, being a charming lawyer, TM Pooja must be dealing with many vagabonds/killers as clients and fortunately she has the charisma of taming them. However, when she was telling that light can drive away darkness….I was funky(afraid) that the light of the hall may have adverse impact on her nice dark black dress she was wearing !
Question 4- What is the craziest thing you would do for love?
TM JAY was very courageous to tackle this question. While many were expecting him to buy an A380 or steal Kohinoor for his wife or even build a twin Taj Mahal on the moon for his wife……he simply explained about GOD’s love for everyone and that GOD does not expect anything in return for love. He ended by saying MEDITATION is the craziest thing he would do to connect with GOD. Therefore, TM JAY prefers to say JAY HO to GOD !

Funk – The Word of the Evening!
TM Milind chose “Funk” as WOE, but he was a bit disappointed that it has been used some 05 times only. He gave nice explanation on how to use this word in our daily life.
According to me , one of the meaning of FUnK is “fear”…….but this word is deceptively similar to another 4-letter word with same alphabets but with the “n” rotated 90degrees anti-clockwise……so members were afraid to use Funk for fear of confusing the pronunciation, as they use the other one not 05 but 50 times per day 😊.
The Highly Respected Evaluators!
All 3 veterans and highly respected Toastmasters were very helpful with their knowledge-enriching comments. It was not planned to evaluate the speech of TM Ravin but then DTM Sariff said, “ You will never Talk alone” to TM Ravin and said “You will never Work alone” to TM Amarnath & DTM Uma. At the end, DTM Sariff said “ You will not Win Alone” to TM Amarnath and got the Best Evaluator ribbon along with him ( tie) !

Ah-Counter – Excessive Funds v/s Excessive ums !
TM Divya , a US Certified Anti-Money laundering expert does not only keep an eye on our excessive use of money or excessive show off but also on our excessive use of crutch words , filler words or pauses. She did not only observe the movement of our hands over money but also observed the movement of our mouth and the words coming out. She reported that members kept making abusive use of ums and ahs.
GE commented that ever since he joined Toastmasters, he acts as ah-counter on permanent basis, whether in the bus, in office or while listening to people on TV/Radio. He averred being obsessed with counting of filler or crutch words while ignoring the real content of the messages !

Timer – Time v/s smiles!
TM Soomayyah had the delicate role of controlling time during the meeting. She had no time to waste time. While explaining her role she confidently averred that she will not use the bell to indicate that maximum time limit has been reached. She averred that members will manage their time efficiently. Anyway, she was perfectly right because no speaker was eliminated due to excess time used.
The funniest moment was when she was asked to present her TIMER report, she had already packed up to go home. Her report was deep down into her handbag, which proves she does not waste time. It is believed that it is easier to get plenty of nice friendly smiles from her but not a single nanosecond in excess.

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