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Club Session Report

17 December 2019

Prior to the Meeting...

17 December 2019, the last session of the Club for 2019 and Toastmaster of the evening Subhraj vowed to make it as memorable as possible..
Let's rewind 1.5 weeks back.. A whatsapp grp was created especially for all role players.. A constant follow up was carried out from speaker to evaluator to grammarian, to table topics master.. Suggestions were being thrown in the group, and the TME kept on motivating his team for the day ! In line with the coming festivities, the session of today was crafted in the colours of Xmas.. The very spicy and innovative messages on the common whatsapp platform tickled everyone's nose and some members were even left AGOG !!! 

Rewinding 3 hours back.. TME Subhraj made It a point to be present at least 1-2 hours prior to the beginning of the session.. Decorated with xmas shiny things, xmas tree set up and fully lit, our attention was drawn to the sharing gifts box whereby everyone had to bring his own share of gifts else they were ruled out of the sharing game unfortunately ! Moreso, all members were encouraged to dress up in their best Xmas attire as voting for best attire - Male and Female was part of the program !!

Ho Ho Ho, began TME Subhraj Claus n humourously weaved his introduction towards the prepared speech segment but not without asking few members if they still felt Santa was around.. TM Urshila for instance thought that Santa was everywhere.. 

  1. TM Soommayyah, the winner of the day for Prepared Speeches, had an exposé on why Princesses do not need saving as they are currently busy saving the world!
  2. TM Ishrat - on the other hand can be a cold-hearted shmuck if she's not thriving in a friendly environment but thank God for her husband who sparkles the fireworks in her..
  3. TM Sariff - finally completed his last speech and received an award from President Vyankoj and a standing ovation from the audience but he still will not forget what his boss wrote in his performance appraisal

TT Master grinned her way to her role as she picked out 4 victims to get out of their comfort zone

TM Sorjen was the winner of this segment as he sold this bouba for Rs 10,000 and there were actually members who raised their hands to buy this thingy !!!

Guardians of Excellence


Azra Muslun  

General Evaluator who made it a point to commend the TME for his hard work but suggested some tips for improvement



She recommended her speaker to use slides to illustrate the research in her speech


Wining Evaluator Sheena from NewGen

Adding humility to the speech would have raised the bar



less use of notes would have allowed better use of hand gestures

Other role players included first timers Divya as Ah Counter, an innovative Pooja as the Grammarian in addition to Bhavish as the Timer


Ayushi was voted Best Attire Female !!!

TME Subhraj was voted as the Best Attire Male ! (he claims there's no Mardaye)


"An innovative and creative session. Had so much fun. Merry Christmas to all of you and thx for the nice gift. I love mine😘" 


"We couldn’t hope for a better ending! Congrats Subhiraj ❤ see you next year fellow toastmasters! Will miss you all" 


Very well done Subiraj. Keep it up and keep distributing gifts 😎😎😎


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