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Club Session Report -
16 July 2019

What was set to be a special meeting of Plateau Toastmasters Club, as there was to be the
Installation Ceremony of the executive committee for the year 2019-2020, turned out to be not a
special one, but a MOMENTOUS one (in the words of the Toastmaster of the Evening, Geeta.)
MOMENTOUS because one member of Plateau, Ridwaan Jaulim, completed his last speech to
become a Distinguished Toastmaster, making him the next in line DTM of Plateau Toastmasters club Ridwaan completed his speech for the High Performance Leadership Project and presented his
results for the Youth Leadership Program aiming to develop communication and leadership
skills of our young leaders. His key giveaways were:-
 Believe in the person even if the person is not believing in himself yet
 No man is an island such that you will always need the support of your fellow members
 No project is too big to undertake, not for the members of Plateau for whom the sky is the
Faizal, his evaluator congratulated him for his speech and encouraged other members to undertake
such endeavors.
MOMENTOUS because the outgoing President, Sariff Mugralee presented his report and astounded the audience with the tremendous achievements of the executive committee for the
year 2018-2019 
Sariff, the outgoing president presented his report on the accomplishments of the club, reminding
that this remarkable legacy of his was not the work of a single person but that of the hard work of
Plateau as a family, the tenacious togetherness of its members and the thorough support of his
executive committee. He highlighted the pinnacle of Plateau’s achievement being the celebration of
the 15th Anniversary of the club whereby all the past 15 Presidents – with the exception of the late
Ibrahim Sheikh Yousouf – were there, physically or virtually to provide a testimony, and also Plateau
being awarded the President Distinguished Award, nine years in a row.
  Then came the most awaited item of the agenda, being the Installation of the executive committee 
for the year 2019-2020, ceremoniously presented by Amarnath Bhoyjoo. He reminded the club
members of their duties and the members pledged to deliver their duties to the best of their
MOMENTOUS because the Incoming President, Vyankoj Mulloo presented his innovating vision and
“Together, We are on Leadership Journey” and pledged that he would be making the club soar to even greater heights.
Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions (Megan Smith). This
could be reflected throughout the speech of the Incoming President, Vyankoj. He humbly placed on
record the contribution and foundation of the past 15 presidents of the Plateau Toastmasters club.
He reminded the members that with great power comes great responsibility, responsibility that he
stood ready to handle, undeterred and more motivated ever. Vyankoj encapsulated his vision by
reiterating Toastmaster International Values, which are exactly the values he intends for the club to
adhere to being Integrity, Respect, Service, Excellence. And excellence is what we at Plateau always
aim for.
The new executive members 2019-2020:
 Sergeant at arms – responsible to tend to the club property -Sorjen Soobramanay, accepting
this role with his usual zeal
 Treasurer – the club accountant - Roshan Seebaluck, ready to welome this enriching
 Secretary – responsible for maintaining all club records and handling correspondence -
Jyotee A. Nagapillay – embracing the role with her perennial smile and fervor
 Vice President Public Relations – responsible for publicizing the club both internally and
externally - Dosheela Ramlowat – facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wait for it, Plateau is coming
 Vice President Membership – responsible for promoting the club – Farhaan Mungralee,
ready to transform guests into members
 Vice President Education – responsible for scheduling speeches and planning education
programs - Roshan Nothoo, preparing for more DTMs that will emerge from Plateau
 PRESIDENT- responsible for setting the tone for the club and providing supportive
leadership– Vyankoj Mulloo, the trendsetter, determined to bring the club abreast with the
technological advancement as recommended by TI.

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