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Internal Contest Report

12 November 2019

The SetUp

Contest Chair DTM Leena had it all worked out 1 week before the contest ! The agenda, the forms, the role players, the participants and the judges.. No stones were left unturned for the organisation of the first contest for this mandate ! She made sure that 3 days prior to the contest, everything was spick and span !

The Participants

All geared up to fire up the contests, the participants were buzzing to deliver their speeches and yes, it does take lot of courage to muster and climb that stage to face the audience ! But the latter was more than complacent as we are Plateau and we support each other at all times.. From the defying logic of what came first of the chicken and the egg by TM Vyankoj to Being the a champion in Life without the need to scratch & smell by TM Ishrat and where TM Azra beautifully transitioned with a Climate Change Alert that we should all be aware of ! TM Sorjen who gave away the resolution of writing a book for next year, is not ready to QUIT ! And the winner of the Speech segment, TM Krishn explained how a bad habit can change someone's life forever with that needle pricking his ……. At such a young age !
The Table Topics Participants !
Why vote for you as the next councilor for Moka district ? That was the table topics question of the day and 5 contestants (DTM Faizal, TM Krishn, TM Subhiraj, TM Roshan Chundunsing and TM Milind)were in the shoes of our recent politicians rooting for the vote from the audience ! It was finally TM Roshan Chundunsing who, with sheer conviction, wowed his audience and the judges with an impromptu exposé of why voting for him would change our lives !!
The Evaluation Participants !
The test speaker Yusrah had a lean and fit approach to fitness and health and 5 evaluators had to drill down on her speech to enable her to bring it to the next level ! TM Roshan Seebaluck, TM Azra, TM Ishrat, DTM Faizal and (TM Jyotee who was the winner in this segment) all recommended her to use less of her notes and make more use of her eye contacts as the contents of her speech was very well structured with statistics and made us realise that more than 300,000 people in Mauritius are affected with diabetes.

Judges and Role Players

Chief Judge Haymant was accompanied by his panel consisting of TM Dr. Vandita from Financial Toastmasters, TM Geeta Gopy and birthday boy TM Amarnath ! According to Chief Judge, the level of the speech has consistently been improving over the years and they had a tough time evaluating !
TM Bhavish and TM Vyshalee had their first experiences as Sergeant at Arms and they did justice to this role ! Equally, TM Vanisha was the ballot master and made sure "le Compte est bon" while TM Iven timed the whole contest in perfect sync with the agenda.
“Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others.” - Dr Ralph Smedley.. That's what our contest was all about today and I'm happy that all participants gave out their best to entertain themselves first as well as the audience !
And we have achieved our target for President's Distinguished Award in a record time of 5 months.. Congratulations to all members of Plateau !

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