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Internal Contest Report

03 March 2020

It started...

At 19:01 MUT, Contest Chair DTM Sariff left his chair and walked alone to take hold of the lectern, he was determined to give a hammering start (with his hammer-like Gavel) to the contest.
All participants started feeling the funk of fear mixed with the funk of hot sweating because "Sekunjalo Ke Nako" for the friendly fights amongst contestants, each one giving an emoji-like smile to their opponents.  Without wasting too much time, we started with the International Speech Contest. Even if international does not mean international in its literal form, we had international Guest (from Ghana) and international Judges (DTM Azizah from Singapore and DTM BOB from Great Britain and the others from Mauritius). 

International Speech Contest

Speech 1 – What matters most? By DTM Krishn
DTM Krishn walked onto the stage, with his well-built body, like the fearless Police inspector in Dabangg. He brought the yellow piggy bank of his daughter and the blue jewellery box of his only wife Manjushi (name changed). 
He explained how during his bachelor days he was spendthrift and he changed the motto Work / Earn / Save into Work / Earn / Spend but when he got married, he got a Master (mistress) who made him realize that buying a nice dress for his wife is not more important than constructing his house or preparing for a new baby in the family.
He also said that we need to be disciplined and try not to do nothing……because we have only one life…..and one wife!

Speech 2 –Wake up Call by DTM Uma Nair
DTM Uma started with a bang or with a POMP, POMP…. imitating the horn of some old driver when she was waiting for her number (turn) to refuel her car at a Petrol Station. The old grabby-looking old man was asking her to take his place (turn) in the queue. This gesture brought Uma's anger down.
She also mentioned about The Law of the Garbage Trunk and many members conceded their habit of dumping garbage on their spouse. This speech made me realize that I am not the only one spouse in the world to bear the effect of such a law.
Uma also came with an interesting statement "Life is an endless list of struggles"…. which  made us realize that all of us have our list. She also talked about the "i" in "Society" is surrounded which means we live in communion with other people…..but I note that in "Societies", different "i" have different social positions 
and are surrounded by different persons!
Finally, I thought the POMP POMP was a morning wake-up call from her milkman or breadseller but I realized that the old grabby-looking old man might have been showing his  gentlemanship towards our charming DTM Uma who was not accompanied by her Husband! 

Speech 3 – It does happen, it will happen by TM AZRA
TM Azra claims to be a dreamer and avers that if you pursue with your dream and work  towards it, your dream will fulfil. She explained how when she told her mother about her dream of visiting Old Trafford, her mother would simply speak, smile and walk away. Fortunately, TM Azra always had the unflinching support of her Dadu (Grandfather / Dada). She explained her passion for Manchester United and how she watched almost all their matches and how she would consider missing a match as a sin. 
She explained how she felt Old Trafford as a Theatre of Dream and a heaven on Earth.  She again explained how she got moved out of the pitch because the security officers averred the pitch to be too expensive to let anybody walk on it. 
However, I think, she might have been kicked out because she might have taken plant cuttings (boutures) of the grass / gazon to be planted at her place, this is the very common habit of 
Mauritian ladies wherever they go!
Btw TM AZRA, note that for your comfort, the way LFC is losing these days, very soon both  Sariff and you together, will be walking alone! 

Speech 4 – Compatibility or Chemistry -by TM Dosheela Ramlowat
Our charming TM Dosheela with her docile-looking smile started with Titanic and talked about the love between film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I thought she would stand on the edge of the stage to sing "My heart will go on" and that she would describe the drawing scene of Rose portrait by Jack, but she did not……. so my heart stopped going on but went down instead! 
She also talked about my favourite actress Deepika and Ranveer, my rival. She explained the compatibility between the words Compatibility with Chemistry…..she explained how she broke the heart of some 6 brides who were chosen by her orthodox 
parents &/or priest to get her married but she categorically rejected all of them , one by one, because she found no chemistry or mystery with them and said: "O No No Sheila, Sheila Ki Jawani, I'm Just too Sexy For You". She avers that sometimes we get married based on compatibility-check done by priests and we expect Chemistry to come later, but in vain.
In my opinion, sometimes biology (love between 2 persons) comes before chemistry moreso because chemistry is a question of actions and reactions... Physics (physique), Chemistry, Biology, compatibility all come into play before getting married.
She also explained how, despite compatibility or Chemistry issues, her loved husband stood by her side during tough times.

Speech 5 – Pay attention by TM Ishrat
TM Ishrat started very strongly by shouting "You are wasting your time" and "You are good for nothing"  She explained the plight of school children in the Western part of Mauritius. Those children coming from poor families having not many logistical facilities. 
She explained how many of such children misbehave in class and how they speak creole despite the teacher talking to them in English 😊.
And how these students fearlessly ask the teacher to hit them, but TM Ishrat rightly said that hitting kids was not an option nor a solution.
She explained how these students are influenced by their parents' financial situation which results in the children not having any ambition or direction and consequently the society turned a blind eye on them. She also explained that for many of these students, going to school is simply a way to liberate their parents in their works, whether good or bad.
TM Ishrat used a stick as a prop and she unconsciously showed how children get disoriented, forget their notes and feels frustrated at the sight of a stick. She showed how society (audience) must silently help the children in catching up on what they forgot to learn or do. She demonstrated this herself by consulting her notes a few times 😊

She also managed to show the adverse impact of sticks on adults and left it to members to assess the impact of stick on kids. 
She also showed that "Pay Attention" means to pay attention to your time, such that when  the light is RED, you must stop within 30 seconds else you cry or die (recall the Metro/Moto issue).

Table Topics Contest

What is more dangerous for the world, coronavirus or the virus of war?
Speaker 1 – TM Subhiraj explained that there is no difference between them because both  are related to war only. He believes that coronavirus might have been planted in China by one 
unnamed Superpower which always tends to fight against China. The impact is now being felt  by the whole world. 
However, he tends to speak quite fast as if Metro is chasing him from the behind and he has  word articulation issues wherein he cannot pronounce his words in full as if his tongue is 
infested with the virus or his mouth is still full of snacks.

Speaker 2 – TM Pooja said coronavirus is proving to be a deadly virus, not only affect China  but the rest of the world. Affecting business, countries, and lives. We see jokes being spread 
on it, instead of humanity being shown. She used the Paris Cathedral fire and the Amazon  forest fire to show how people were donating and displaying sympathy, compared to the  corona situation where lives are being lost. A virus can be as destructive as war because not only lives are taken, but humanity is stripped away too. Here TM Pooja is doing puja to members to donate funds for coronavirus victims even if there is fear that the money can be a vector of the virus and that black dirty money will now become infected money and no thief would dare stealing your money. Your money will be safe without a safe! 

Speaker 3 – TM Jyestha said we have 2 extremes. Coronavirus on one side is a biological  weapon which was pre-planned to destroy a Superpower but turned against China. She also 
said that wars hurt economies and divide societies. She avers we need to take control of  ourselves to live in harmony and peace. 
I believe that coronavirus is forcing people to remain at home instead of going out, thus  helping stronger bonding and ties between family members. So, the virus is controlling people. 

Speaker 4 – TM Soomayyah started her answer as a SSR Medical School lecturer by asking what was the difference between epidemic and pandemic, then talked about the meaning of COVID-19 and then turned herself towards Ayurvedic medicines when she mentioned whether "garlic" can cure Coronavirus. Once I heard about garlic, I "senti l'ail" which means "I foresee a danger" because she took a serious lead to win the contest. I also felt the danger that garlic will now become scarce in the market with a risk of price rise.

Evaluation Contest
Test Speaker - by TM Milind
The speech title was "Into the basement of Board Games Lovers" and he started with a bang
to connect with the audience when he asked them the question "Who played board games in
his life?"  So many members raised their hands ……but I hesitated because I heard "Who is a play boy in his life". ☹ Anyway, TM Milind was very comfortable with so many board games. He brought so many boxes which made me believe that he would distribute gifts to members, but we ended up 
seeing so many of his interesting games like his 50-year-old Monopoly, Scrabble, Tit'-Albert
(a creole name), burger quiz and Morissimo.  Tit'-Albert arouse the interest of many members when they learned it contains words like Bhai looké, longaniste and tifi. TM Milind appealed to members to discourage their kids to play video games on mobile but to play board games. It appears that many club members, who are board members, are agreeable to play board games, during board meetings even if they must consult their mobile on how to play the board games. 
Btw at the very beginning of the speech, I was curious about the yellow basket aka "tente bazaar" laying down near the table. I thought he will give a speech either on how to avoid usage of plastic or how to avoid buying expensive vegetables during these days!

Evaluator 1- TM Ravin Papiah delivered an evaluation with the appropriate seasoning of many ingredients like voice projection, clarity, pronunciation, enunciation and articulation, all of which made his speech a marvel to listen to.  He appreciated the question asked by TM Milind and his hand gestures. However, he advised TM Milind not to display too many boxes which cause the audience to look them thereby disrupting the eye contact with him. Anyway, TM Ravin Papiah, it will be a sin (a paap, not a papiah 😊) if you don't come to meeting too often because you will deprive young members from learning a lot of techniques from you. Your regular presence would be highly appreciated. Btw, we joined Plateau ( Plat’haut) to learn from a plateau of experienced members who have reached the haut of their Toastmastership! 

Evaluator 2 – TM Ishrat left her stick and came with kind words and liked the body structure of Milind's speech, not to be confused with the body structure of Milind himself. She also said that Milind's voice tended to be bit flat. He ought to have more pauses and work on stagecraft by placing the table in front instead of at the back.

Evaluator 3 – TM Azra left Old Trafford and came to Bhawan to say that she appreciated the opening question at the start of the speech. She appreciated the delivery and pace which made it easy to grasp the message of the speech. She highlighted the eye contact made by TM Milind by sweeping the audience. She recommended avoiding multiple bending to pick up the games. She advised that alternatively, TM Milind could place the games ordered by their prices.

Evaluator 4 – DTM Uma did no "pomp pomp" before entering the hall but she asked a question to the audience as to whether they learnt anything from the speech. The answer was yes, so she said TM Milind had an award-winning speech. She liked the organization of the speech and was amazed by the names of the game. She complained she could not understand Tit'-Albert (a creole name),

Evaluator 5 –DTM Faizal was extremely cool and averred to feel nostalgic of his younger days during which he played a lot of Monopoly. He respected the passion and knowledge of TM Milind over all these board games.  He appreciated the very impactful question asked at the beginning and the use of props which kept him connected throughout the speech. He also advised that so many boxes were displayed and made him curious about the next game/box. He also recommended that TM Milind could compare the number of board games someone can get with Rs 10k spent on a single mobile phone.

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