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Club Session Report -
02 July 2019

The heat is on, they say… it's D-4 and the Club Session (1-201920) was entirely focused on the Contestants ! We are proud of you, Dosheela, Jyotee and Soomayyah.. You are representing us all at the Conference on the 6th July and we are rooting for you all ! Be Bold in your delivery and approach !
Our dazzling TME Farhan kicked in the session today with a reflection on what we fear the most ! The answer to which obviously lies within each of one of u. Keeran, the Grammarian Master, had "Acquisitive" as her Word of the Day and Suzanne introduced the hawkmaster role and was undoubtedly set to hawk the session.
Hats Off to Ishrat, our first timer, who delivered her ice breaker today. Wearing different hats, talking chinese and coming from different backgrounds, Ishrat astounded her audience with her delivery. Jihaad picked up from there and enlightened us on how humans satisfy their needs through Maslow's theory. In the end, he pointed out that nothing is more important than Wi-Fi as basic needs ! The Power of the Smile brought the audience to grin all the way through Azra's speech ! She even clicked away to prove her point and won the Best Speaker Award in the same flow. We had a glimpse of a Conference Speech Level by Dosheela which was eye opener to everyone present including the guests present !
Neha Papiah was kind to her table topics speakers today and whether it's Sorjen or Roshan D or Jyotee, the questions were laid out so beautifully that the speakers bloomed their way towards success ! If it doesn't make sense to you now, that means you seriously missed the Club Session today. :)
Roshan Seebaluck had his team of evaluators and as expected, the evaluation was focused on Soomayyah as well as Geeta Gopy. Both aced their evaluation segments ! On the other hand, Jyestha, Keeran and Eric had to sharpen their REM (rapid Eye Movement)and their listening skills to make sure we all were within our boundaries. Suzanne, the Hawkmaster and Suzanne the Scottish guest tickled us from our seats to grab the cadbury chocolates.
Last but not least, Congratulations again to DTM Faizal and DTM Leena who both got standing ovation for their current achievement ! Our next session is on the 16th July 2019 and more details will follow soon….

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